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  1. Books Recommended by Shaik Ibn Uthaimeen
  2. Fiqhul 'Ibaadaat (Understanding Worship) - Q & A format - 178 pages - [PDF] - undertand-islam.net
    Sh. Muhammad bin Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen (rahimahullaah)-Rendered into English by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh
  3. Explaining the Fundamentals of faith - By Sheikh Muhammed Sahih Ibn al-Uthaimeen [Book]
    This book discusses the fundamentals of faith, by outlining and detailing the objectives of the Islamic 'Aqeedah. Numerous references are made to the Qur'an and authentic Ahadith, for establishing the sincere intention and worship to Allaah, liberating the mind and thought from the irrational and chaotic losses, establishing peace of mind and sound thinking, safeguarding the intentions, learning to establish a strong Ummah (community), achieving happiness in this life and the hereafter, and more.
  4. The Belief in Allaa Allaah…What Does it Mean? - By Sh. Muhammad bin Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen [PDF]
    Part of the Book "Explanation of Fundamentals of Faith" . Rendered into English By Dr. Saleh As-Saleh.
  5. Muslims Belief - Saalih ibn Muhammad ibn al-'Uthaymeen - Preface of Shaykh Abd al Aziz Ibn Baz [Book]
    Abdul Aziz ibn Baaz says "..this book covers the creed of the Sunnites and the mainstream majority of the Muslims in the area of the oneness of Allah, His attributes, the belief in the angels, the books and the messengers, the Day of Judgment, and in the belief in fate and the divine decree. He succeeded in collecting what the seeker of knowledge and every Muslim needs for his belief in Allah, His angels, His scriptures, His messengers, the Day of Judgment, and fate. He included in his treatise useful information related to the Muslim's beliefs that are not readily available in many of the books written on these topics.."
  6. The Tenets of Faith - Uthaimeen - 89p.pdf
  7. Confirmation That Judaism And Christianity Are Forms Of Disbelief - Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-`Uthaymeen
  8. The Whisper of the Shytaan and Its Cure - Salih Uthaimeen - 8p.pdf
  9. The Devine Decree and Pre-Ordainment - Al-Ibaanah - Uthaimeen - 16p.pdf
  10. Death and Resurrection by Shaikh Muhammad As-Salih Al-Uthaimeen [PDF]
  11. The Fruits Of Taqwaa - Uthaimeen - 13p - islaam.net
    This is the English translation of the book Min Thamaraatit-Taqwaa clearly illustrates the excellence of the muttaqee (the one who has Taqwaa) and shows that when Taqwaa affects the soul then changes should become apparent in the believer’s character, priorities and even his voice! It shows how it facilitates the believer in gaining knowledge and remaining strong, and all this is just a brief mention of what is within these covers.
  12. How to Acquire Good Manners - by Shaykh Muhammad Saleh Al Uthaymeen
    [This is a chapter from the book "Makaarim-ul-Akhlaaq" (pg. 32-35) [Dar-ul-Watan Lin-Nashr] By Shaikh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaimeen, prepared and arranged by Khaalid Abu Saalih.]
  13. The Prophets (SAS) Advice to Mu'aadh ibn Jabal - Shaykh Muhammad Salih al-Uthaymeen
  14. Repentance - Shaykh Muhammad Saalih ibn al-Uthaymeen
  15. Essential Rights - Shaykh Muhammad Saleh Al Uthaymeen
  16. Mankind will be gathered - Imam Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee
    Sufficiency in Creed by Imaam Ibn Quadaamah Al-Maqdisee {rahimallah} Explanation by Imaam Muhammad Saalih Uthaymin {rahimallah} Pgs.128-134
  17. How will be people be able to bear the sun being brought close on the Day of Resurrection?- islam-qa.com
    From Majmoo’ Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, 2/35.
  18. The kaafir’s reckoning in the Hereafter - islam-qa.com
    From the fatwas of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen, in Kitaab Fataawa Islaamiyyah, 1/82.
  19. How will the kaafir be brought to account in the Hereafter, when he is not required to adhere to sharee’ah? - islam-qa.com Majmoo’ Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, 2/38.
  20. Exemplary Foundations Concerning the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allaah - Shaik Uthaimeen - 8p [PDF]
    Excerpts from the exemplary book al-Qawaa’idul-Muthlaa (The Lofty Principles) fee Asmaa‘illaahi Ta’aalaa wa Sifaatihil-’Ulaa.
  21. Tawheedul Assama WasSifat - part1 to 4 - Uthaimen - 9p [PDF]
  22. Important Principles concerning Allaah's Names & Attributes - Uthaimeen - 5p
  23. Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Tawhid ul-Hakimiyyah
    Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen explains the ignorance and innovatory nature of today's political activists
  24. Preserving the Usool - Shaikh Muhammad Bin Saalih al-Uthaimeen
    A brief look at the importance of aqidah in light of the historical development of the groups innovation
  25. The Aqeedah of Ahlis-Sunnah wal Jamaa'ah - Uthaimeen - TheRighteousPath.com - 17p
  26. Rulings Regarding the Wiping Over the Socks for Purification - 'Uthaymeen - 10p
  27. The Manner of Purification and Prayer for the Sick - Uthaimeen - 5p
  28. The Ruling on what one must perform when finding wetness upon wakening - Uthaymeen - 1p [PDF]
  29. Virtues of the Prayer - Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen - al-manhaj.com
  30. An Explanation of The Du’aa of Qunoot - Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen [ PDF ]
    This is a concise explanation of the Du’aa, or supplication that is said during the Witr prayer. This explanation was given by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, during his lectures which he used to present in the central mosque in Mecca (al-Masjid al-Haraam) during the blessed month of Ramadhaan. This Article includes Memorization Chart & Glossary
  31. Prostration of Forgetfullness in Prayer - Uthaimeen - 21p [PDF]
  32. Questions and Answers on the Sutrah - Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen - SalafiPubs
  33. Why is My Supplication Not Answered? Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-’Uthaymeen - 3p
  34. Concerning Zakaat and Its Benefits - Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen - Al-Ibaana
  35. Those Entitled to Receive Zakaat - Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen - - Al-Ibaana
  36. Fasting: The Great Act of Worship - Uthaimeen
  37. The Wisdom Behind Fasting - Imam Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen - al-manhaj.com
  38. 7 Practical Tips for praying Qiyaam al-Layl - Albaani, Uthaimeen etc - ahya.org
  39. Lessons on fasting,taraweeh & zakaat - Uthaimeen - 24p [PDF]
  40. Concerning the Number of Rak'ahs in Taraaweeh - Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-'Uthaymeen
  41. When is the Night of Al-Qadr? - Imaams Al-Albaanee and Ibn Al-'Uthaimeen - al-manhaj.com
  42. How to Perform the Rituals of Hajj and Umrah - Uthaimenn - 11p [PDF]
  43. The Obligation of the Call and the Duty of the Caller - Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-’Uthaymeen - 2p
  44. The Provision Of The Caller - Sh. Muhammad ibn Salih Al-'Uthaimeen - 28p - Al-Ibaanah Book Publishing [pdf file]
  45. Saying "Sadaqa Allaahul Adheem" is a Bid’ah - Uthaimeen - theclearpath.com
  46. AayatulQursi - Uthaimeen - From Commentary on Imaam ibn Taymeeyah’s Sharhul ’Aqeedatil-Waasitiyyah - 9p
  47. The Rights of Allaah’s Messenger (sas) - Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen
  48. Preserving the Usool - Uthaymeen - AllaahuAkbar.net - 4p
  49. Our Stance Towards the Differences Amongst the Scholars - Shaykh Muhammad Saalih Al-Uthaymeen - 4p
  50. Dealing With The Books Of Knowledge - Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen
  51. Causes of Victory and Defeat - by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Sâlih al-'Uthaymîn
  52. Do Wahhabis Support Suicide Bombings? By Shaykh Muhammad Bin Salih al-Uthaymeen
  53. Confirmation That Judaism And Christianity Are Forms Of Disbelief - Uthaimeen - troid.org
  54. Fatwas regarding Women - uh.edu - Muhammed al-Musnad - translated by Jamal Zarabozo - Dar-us-salam Pubs 158p [ Book ]
    Women face a lot of special problems regarding their menses, postpartum bleeding, istihada, hijab, mixing with men, rights & duties with respect to their husband, husband's household, children, inheritance, marriage, divorce, etc. More than 350 of such problems & issues have been answered in this book by Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ibn Baz, and the eminent scholars like Sheikh Ibn Uthaimin, Sheikh Ibn Jibreen and others
  55. Choosing a Husband - Uthaimeen - troid.org - 1p
  56. Ruling on Forced Marriages - Troid.org - Ibn Baaz & Uthaimeen
  57. Natural Blood of Woman - Shaik Ibn Uthaimeen - 55 pages [PDF] Excellent !!
  58. Innovation in Light of the Perfection of the Shari'ah - Uthaimeen - SalafiPubs - 9p
  59. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries - Uthaimeen - 1
  60. The Benefit of Learning About the Deviant Sects - Uthaimeen - 1p
  61. Imaam Ibn Uthaimeen on The Khawaarij of the Era - SalafiPub - 3p



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